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 English News  6th October 2013


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Released by Asif Hussain Kazmi; Translated by Zulqurnain Haider

To get the rid of terrorism, oppression and other problems, humanity will have to acquire the chastity and piousness

To control the infidels from the blasphemous acts towards the Prophethood, we will have to follow the character of the pious descendents of the Holy Prophet (PBUH & HHP); Hazrat Imam Muhammad Taqi (PBUH) was on the heights of morality and piousness, addresses of Allama Qamar Haider Zaidi, Bint e Musa Moosavi and other Ullema to assemblies of Aalmi Ayyam e Taqwa

RAWALPINDI, October 6: The programs of Aalmi Ayyam e Taqwa, Matami processions and other seminars, announced by Guardian Supreme Shia Ullema Council, Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Moosavi kept on going even on Saturday. Under the auspice of different religious associations and Matami organizations, different mourning assemblies and processions were held in the region of Rawalpindi and Capital City, Islamabad. While addressing to the mourning assembly of Aalmi Ayyam e Taqwa arranged under the auspice of Haeyate Tulbae Islamia at Ali Hall, Allama Qamar Haider Zaidi said that to get the rid of terrorism, oppression and other problems, humanity will have to acquire the chastity and piousness. He iterated that contemporarily the problems which are faced by the humanity, and specifically Muslim World and Pakistan, the core reason of it are deviation from the ideological basis. It is the life of the Holy Prophet and His Holy Progeny (PBUT) is a great lesson and source of inspiration for those who present their lives for the freedom movements and liberations of Kashmir, Afghanistan and Palestine. He asserted that the sensitivities of the contemporary problems demands that we had better acquire the lifestyle of Imam Muhammad Taqi (PBUH) who was on the heights of morality and piousness. Thus we will have to collectively strive for the preservation and the development of our country thinking beyond personal racial or communal differences. Our brotherhood and unity pertain our salvation and solution of problems and defeat of the enemies of Islam and our country. Under the auspice of Anjuman e Kaneezan e Imam e ASR Wal Zaman a mourning assembly was held at Shaebe Abi Talib. While addressing, Syeda Bint Musa Moosavi said that heights of worship and obedience is chastity and piousness and its really practitioners are Muhammad and His Holy Progeny (PBUH). She said that among these personalities one of them was Hazrat Imam Muhammad Taqi (PBUH) who was on such heights of chastity and piousness that he was given the title of TAQI, which means the most pious. She declared the announcement Aalmi Ayyam e Taqwa of Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Moosavi as practical evidence of the aversion to oppression and barbarity and love to the Holy Prophet and his Holy Progeny (PBUT).


(PBUH & HHP): Peace be upon him and on his holy progeny

(PBUH): Peace be upon him/her

(PBUT): Peace be upon them