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Maqtab-e-Tashayyo played a vital role in the creation of Pakistan, the first state based upon Islamic ideology in the history of mankind but unfortunately, right after its creation, this Islamic state fell into the hands of the people who were against its inception from day one. Like other established schools of thought, Maqtab-e-Tashayyo was side – lined  which was a clear violation of the basic ideology and purpose of Pakistan’s creation by which the state is responsible for providing equal rights and liberty for the people belonging to any school of thought without discrimination. Different groups used to raise their voices in order to achieve the basic rights of the Maqtab e Tashayyo but it remained deprived of its basic rights since an unannounced ban imposed on shias meant that there was no Shia representation in the state institutions and expression of Shia beliefs in print and in electronic media was restricted. This injustice prevailed till its extreme in 1970s, when the worst dictator in the history of Pakistan, General Zia-ulhaq, declared Pakistan a sectarian state. On the one hand this was a violation of the basic principals of Pakistan’s existence while on the other; it was another attempt to deprive Maqtab-e-Tashayyo of its basic rights.


As a reaction of these heinous conspiracies, TNFJ came into being. For the protection of the basic rights of the nation, TNFJ was forced to overpower and get control of the Secretariat while the dictator, Zia-ulhaq had to retreat. After sometime, General Zia’s regime made another attempt on Maqtab-e-Tashayyo, when he announced the limiting of Azadari processions of Imam Hussain (A.S). This was done by making an amendment to the Police Act 3 (30). Chief of TNFJ, Agha Syed Hamid Ali Moosavi, strongly rejected the announcement and led an agitation against it which prolonged to 8 months. More than fourteen thousand arrests were made by the police to oppress this movement by the TNFJ, but in vain. The agitation concluded with the defeat of Zia-ulhaq who had to take back the amendment to the Police Act. Moreover, an agreement was signed between the then prime minister Muhammad Khan Junejo and Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi (Chief of TNFJ), which is known as the Moosavi-Junejo Muaaheda (Agreement).  As a result of the Moosavi-Junejo Agreement, complete protection and continuation for the processions attributed to Azadari-e-Imam Hussain (A.S) and Milaad-un-Nabi was assured.  TNFJ, under the command of Quaid-e-Millat Agha Hamid Ali Moosavi, rejected the Sharia bills that were presented during the era of Zia ul Haq and Nawaz Sharif as a result of which both the bills are nothing more than history.


In Lahore, Mukhtar force was formed after the tragic incident of setting ablaze twenty six Imam Bargahs, The objective of Mukhtar force is the protection of Shaa’ir Allah (signs of Almighty Allah). Students have a significant contribution in the success and growth of any nation. In order to organize and unite students who had been a prey to the brain washing tactics of different organizations, Mukhtar Students Organization (MSO) was founded. TNFJ protected the rights of the nation from being sacrificed over the political aims of a few corrupt elements. TNFJ highlighted Shia-Sunni brotherhood to save our beloved homeland from a civil war and sectarianism.  Even in the era of the worst terrorism, TNFJ kept the flag of Wilaay Ali (A.S) and Azaa-e-Hussain (A.S) flying high. To counter terrorism, TNFJ introduced the historic peace formula, known as Moosavi Peace Formula. This formula was presented in the Supreme Court of Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah. Later, in light of the Moosavi Peace Formula, the anti terrorism act was formed, due to which terrorists have been exposed and by which the government of Pakistan is conducting operations against them. For the resolution of problems and issues related to Azadari, TNFJ urged the government of Benazir Bhutto to formulate Azadari Control rooms. As a result of these efforts made by TNFJ, these were formed in the Ministries of Interior, Religious Affairs; in provincial governments including Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, and further to the district levels. On TNFJ’s advice, the government of Pakistan establishes these control rooms every year and they remain operational 24/7 from 1st of Muharram to 8th of Rabi ul Awwal. These control rooms provide significant help to Azadars, in the matters of Azadari programs. Internal and external conspiracies launched against Azadari Imam Hussain (A.S) have been confronted at every front which may be theological and/or practical and blocked the way of propagandas launched against Zakireen-e-Hussain (A.S) who deliver enlightening addresses about the great sacrifice of Imam Hussain (A.S), in every corner of the world. TNFJ also exposed the heinous plans made against the true religious scholars, Ulema and Maraaj-e-Uzzam who have sacrificed everything to spread the messages of Masoomeen (A.S) to the common man. TNFJ is the torch bearer for the protection of Hurmat-e-Sadaat i.e. Respect of Sadaat. There was a time when news and programs of Maqtab-e-Tashayyo were very rarely published in print and electronic media but now, as a result of untiring efforts of TNFJ, all news papers in the country carry the accounts of Masoomeen (A.S). The lifting of a ban of some of the very important books of Maqtab-e-Jafariya,  including Nehjul Balagha, and the eradication of controversial material from the academic course books have, to a great extent, been the result of TNFJ’s untiring efforts. The historic cemeteries of Jannat-ul-Baqee and Jannat-ul-Mualla in the cities of Makah and Medina were demolished by the government of Saudi Arabia even though these places are a common heritage of Islam and humanity. Initiating a movement to protest against the demolition of these respectable places, is an honor for which the TNFJ has received great appreciation.


These accomplishments are only a few glimpses of untiring efforts which have been made by TNFJ to restore and protect national rights, for the last three decades.  TNFJ neither begged nor became part of a lobby and yet managed to achieve so much, with the help of its slogan of Ya Ali (A.S) Madad. These achievements are certainly an endorsement of the statement of Quaid-e-Millat-e-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, who said:


“Tehreek e Nafaz e Fiqh e Jafariya (TNFJ) is being watched over and guided by Syed us Saajideen Imam Zain ul Aabideen (A.S)”


TNFJ has faced each and every challenge with Azm e Haideri (Courage granted by Maula Ali A.S) and therefore all kinds of schemes against Millat-e-Jafariya failed miserably, however the enemies of millat are still launching odious conspiracies one after the other. Wilayat-e-Ali (A.S) and Azaa-e-Hussain (A.S) are being targeted while youth of the nation is being distanced from the Mimber-e-Hussaini. Using the name of guidance, thousands of dollars are being spent on destructive activities against Maqtab-e-Tashayyo. Poisonous seeds against the true beliefs of the Maqtab-e-Tashayyo are being sown in the Zionist pattern of Rothschild’s garb of welfare activities. Utmost efforts are being made to obliterate Sha’air-e-Hussainia (signs attributed to Imam Hussain a.s). On one hand, external enemies are trying to eliminate Maqtab-e-Tashayyo while on the other hand, our internal enemy is trying to deprive the nation from its Aqaaid e Haqqa (true concepts and beliefs), making it vulnerable in front of external enemies. Internal enemies, despite getting banned due to their involvement in terrorist activities, are continuously infiltrating Matamis, Azadars and momineen who are working on their heinous policy of making them weak and defenseless. In this critical situation, TNFJ is the only platform involved in a four pronged battle against all these conspiracies launched against Millat-e-Jafariya.


Quaid-e-Millat, right after taking command of the nation on 10th February 1984, announced “Whether the nation stands beside me like companions of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) or leaves me like companions of Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel (A.S), I will not abandon my fight against the enemies of Hussainiyat until they are defeated.”  

Time has proven this statement of the Quaid-e-Millat to be true and will keep endorsing it in the future.


Naam Ouncha Zamanay mai her andaaz Rahay ga         Naizay pe bhi sir apna sir afraaz rahay ga

The prudent and spiritual leader of TNFJ, whose piousness and truthfulness is respected even by his enemies, is calling every young and old of Maqtab-e-Jafar ibn e Muhammad (a.s) to join him in his fight against Safeeni conspiracies. It is the ultimate need of time that all who call themselves Matami, Azadar, Asna Ashari, must register with Tehreek e Nafaz e Fiqh e Jafariya and strengthen its sub divisions of Mukhtar Force, Mukhtar Organization, Mukhtar Students Organization, Ibrahim Scouts, Mukhtar Generation, Ummul Banin WF, Ummul Banin Girl Guides and Sakina Generation, to fulfill their responsibilities during the period of Ghaibat e Imam e Zamana (A.S).


Wama Alaina illal balagh