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 English News  9th October 2013


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Released by Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi, the spokesman of the TNFJ; Translated by Wajih Kazmi

Tehreek e Nafaz e Fiqh e Jafariya announces to observe Youm e Abuzar on Friday, 5 Zilhaj

Following the pious character of Hazrat Abuzar Ghaffari (R.A) can resolve the problems faced by the world of humanity. Delay in taking practical steps to curb terrorism even after a month of APC is disappointing; announcement of retirement from the army chief is a courageous step yet also a question mark? Constitutional requirements must be fulfilled for the next appointments; the government could not decide about operation or negotiations despite having support to the decisions of APC from all national parties; it looks like the negotiations have failed before starting. Terrorist attack of bomb blast in Malak Khel Peshawar is the act of enemies of Pakistan. Mazhar Ali Shah Advocate

ISLAMABAD, October 9: In accordance with the directives of the chief patron of the Supreme Shia Ulema Board, the Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, the general secretary of the Tehreek e Nafaz e Fiqh e Jafariya Syed Mazhar Shah Advocate has announced to observe the death anniversary of Hazrat Abuzar Ghaffari the pious companion of the holy Prophet (PBUH&HHP) on Friday 5th Zilhaj as Youm e Abuzar. In a statement issued from the Headquarter Maktab-e-Tasheyyo he said that he has served to flourish the message of equity and justice preached by Islam and kissed martyrdom while acting upon the golden principles of Islam. He said that today the world of barbarity has crossed its limits of cruelty against humanity. Through promoting terrorism, the lives of innocent nations and Muslims across the world are made miserable, therefore according to Allama Iqbal the bravery of Haider, simplicity of Abuzar and devoutness of Salman are the only solutions to overcome the problems faced by the Muslim nations. While strongly condemning the bomb attack against the Polio teams, Police staff and other innocent people in Malik Khail he termed the tragic incident as continuity of brutal conspiracy from the enemies of Islam and Pakistan. He further stated that despite the eleven-party APC out of the 150 national parties of Paktistan almost a month back, the situation stays unimproved while no concrete step has been taken so far despite backing and support to APCs decision form all other parties in the interest of motherland. He said that the government could not finalize any of the two available options i.e. negotiations or operation against the militants and because of this delay; Peshawar has suffered around half dozen terrorist attacks during recent days. Mazhar Ali Shah said that it looks like the peace talks have failed even before the start of negotiations which is a very critical sign. He said that terrorist, ransom dealers (bhatta khor), and kidnappers are fearlessly busy in their heinous crimes. The prisoners in prisons are brutally killed specially in Daira Ismail Khan and in other prisons while no action was taken against terrorist acts. He said that the last hope for the people of Pakistan is the Court therefore Chief Justice should take suo moto notice of these terrorism acts and sentence punishments to the criminals. Secretary General TNFJ said that the announcement of retirement from Army Chief is a courageous decision but it is also a question mark at the same time. Army chief; in his 6 year tenure strengthened the democracy and now the constitutional requirements should be fulfilled for the appointment of new Army Chief and Joint chief of Staff as otherwise it will be assumed that every new leader violates the constitution following the Ayub Khan’s era and later same was done by the Zia ul Haq regime, while appointing Parvez Musharaf, the rights of other Generals were ignored which is not correct as Islam does not permit violation of rights. He said that the day of 8th October reminds us the lacerative incident of earthquake in which thousands of people died and cities vanished from the face of the earth however; the task of resettlement of aggrieved people could not be completed. On the other hand the integrity and fairness of the restoration work for the flood effected people of Sindh and the recent earthquake in Dist Awaran of Balochistan is compromised, which includes shameful acts of peculation, the acts of depredation and terrorist attacks against the agents of restoration teams specially Pakistan Army and the disentitlement of deservers. Mazhar Ali Shah appealed to the nation that they should promise to follow holy personalities by supporting the innocent and showing ennui against oppression and brutality during programs of the Youm e Abuzar (The day of Abuzar). Special prayers should be performed for the resolution of problems faced by Pakistan and rest of the Muslim world including the menace of terrorism. Meanwhile, a central committee of TNFJ was formed for organizing the programs of day of Abuzar. The conveyer is Abuzar Chohan while Sammar Naqvi was appointed as secretary of the committee.


(PBUH & HHP): Peace be upon him and on his holy progeny

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