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 English News 30 December 2017


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Released by Qamar Haider Zaidi the Spokesman of the TNFJ; Translated by Wajih Kazmi


UN has slapped Trumpís unilateral decision by rejecting American announcement of accepting Jerusalem as Israeli capital - Hamid Moosavi

ISLAMABAD, December 30: The Patron in-Chief of Supreme Shia Ulama Board and Head of Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqah Jafariya, Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said that by rejecting American announcement of accepting Jerusalem as Israeli capital, UN has slapped Trumpís unilateral decision. Similarly, UN must get the plebiscite in Kashmir held in accordance with the UNSC resolutions. If Muslim rulers begging from the satanic forces would not mend their ways and take concrete actions, the genocide of Muslims in Kahsmir, Palestine and Rohingya will continue unstopped. Silence of 40-states Islamic Military Alliance on the matter of American announcement of declaring Jerusalem as Israeli capital proves that it was made to protect interests of colonial powers. Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari (A.S) offered countless sacrifices for the protection of Shariat e Muhammadi, all kinds of oppression and brutality could be defeated by following the pious character of Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari (A.S). He said this while addressing to the Mehfil e Askari organized on the concluding day of Alamgeer Ayyam e Askari (A.S).

Agha Moosavi said that the whole world has been condemning Trumpís evil announcement of declaring Al-Quds as Israeli capital while Trump himself mentioned that America has been avoiding to declare Jerusalem as Israeli capital for the last two decades however, despite much waiting, strengthened peace is not visible in Palestine and Kashmir therefore, time to accept Jerusalem as Israeli capital has come. Agha Moosavi said that OIC was founded after the incident of burning of Masjid e Aqsa while Arab League was founded in 1945.  He said that keeping one third of Muslim countries out of the 40-states Muslim alliance founded under supervision of American President Trump is a question mark while silence of Arab League, OIC and Islamic Military Alliance on declaring Baitul Muqaddas as the capital of Israel is meaningful.

Agha Moosavi said that it has been proved that these organizations were made to remove their opposing countries. He said that aggression against Yemen continues, Qatar has been enchained in sanctions, while Israel and India have ben committing to human rights violations openly. Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that according to an independent report, around 100,000 Kashmiris have kissed martyrdom from Januayr 1989 to 30th October 2007, villages and towns have been destroyed, thousands of women became widows and it is the duty of international human rights organizations to take notice and compensate the bereaved families.