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 English News 4 April 2018


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Released by Qamar Haider Zaidi the Spokesman of the TNFJ; Translated by Wajih Kazmi


Our beloved homeland Pakistan is under siege by the internal and external threats, enemies are trying hard to weaken us - Hamid Moosavi

ISLAMABAD, April 4: The Patron in-Chief of Supreme Shia Ulama Board and Head of Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqah Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said that our beloved homeland Pakistan is under siege by the internal and external threats, enemies are trying hard to weaken us, all international organizations including the United Nations are duty bound to get the disputes of Kashmir and Palestine resolved in accordance with the UN resolutions and wishes and aspirations of the people of Kashmir and Palestine. Continued Indian and Israeli atrocities in Kashmir and Palestine must be stopped. The entire Pakistani nation must rise in support of the armed forces of Pakistan as the external enemy can only be confronted by controlling the internal enemies. On the call of the government of Pakistan to observe Solidarity day with Kashmir on Friday, complete solidarity must be demonstrated with the oppressed people of Kashmir and Palestine besides the subjugated people of the rest of the world to prove the fact that Muslim Ummah stands united against the enemies of Islam. The sacred mission of protecting religion and motherland, supporting oppressed and condemning the oppressor will be kept continued by Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqah Jafariya (TNFJ) the representative organization of Fiqah Jafariya. He said this while addressing to a delegation of TNFJ Rawalpindi led by Alhaaj Ghulam Murtaza Chohan.

Agha Moosavi mentioned that according to a statement of Masoom (A.S), a person who lives a life without taking care of the matters of Muslimeen does not deserve to call himself a Muslim. He said that the unresolved disputes of Kashmir and Palestine are on UNís table for a long time while several resolutions were also passed for them however, the United Nations is unwilling to get those resolutions implemented besides the criminal silence maintained by the international powers that is encouraging India. People of Kashmir and Palestine have rendered countless sacrifices which continue till date. He said that Israel has crossed all limits of atrocities to suppress Palestinians while India has been writing new chapters of oppression in Kashmir. Agha Moosavi noted that after the martyrdom of Commander Burhan Wani, the atrocities of Indian armed forces in Kashmir have intensified manifold while more than seven hundred thousand Indian soldiers are completely free to do whatever they want.

Israel keeps targeting some of the Arab states to divert attention from her atrocities in Palestine while India has not been allowing UN observersí visit to LOC to be able to hide her aggression from the international community besides abetting and sponsoring terrorist attacks in Pakistan to hide her crimes in the occupied Kashmir.

Quaid e Millt e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that Pakistan played the role of front line state in the war against terror, formulated National Action Plan and destroyed terrorists through Zarb e Azab while the operation Raddul fasaad is also in progress but target killing is still unstopped. Last few days saw the target killings of Police forces and civilians in Raiwind, Dera Ismail Khan while a dozen innocent civilians were killed in Quetta yesterday only which included for Christians and a member of TNFJ Baluchistan Nazar Hussain Changezi. He said that the latest wave of terrorism is the result of inaction on National Action Plan, internal confrontations among rulers and politicians and personal and political compromises made against the national interests.