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 English News  12 December 2018


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Released by Qamar Haider Zaidi the Spokesman of the TNFJ; Translated by Zulqurnain Haider


Moosavi Emphasis on the UN to resolve long-term issues according to resolutions of UN charter and Kashmiriís and Palestineís wills

ISLAMABAD, December 12: Supreme leader of Shia Ulama board and Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqa e jafria has emphasized UN to resolve long-term issues according to resolutions of UN charter and Kashmiriís and Palestineís wills to doubled his respect. Not only should take notice of violation of human rights in Saudia, Yaman, Egypt, Libia, Afghanistan, Rohangia, India and Israel and other countries rather, be punished by establishing criminal offense cases against the tri evil countries. He expressed these thoughts while addressing to the delegation from Ilaqa Bangash lead by Nadeem Hussain Bangash  who is son of Late Sharbat Ali Bangash on Tuesday who expressed this promise that they will not avoid for any sacrifice on the orders of Aaqa e Moosvi. QMJ Agha Hamid Mosvi assured that we did not have any dealings about the ideology of country and will not do in future neither will not allow anyone else to do so, he said after 22 years of first world war, humanity had to to face the 2nd world war in which countless number of human lost their lives after that UN organization came into existence whose main objectives are to prevent aggressive measures to establish global peacekeeping, solving global disputes according to international law, each otherís autonomy, to respect the rights and to avoid interference in internal matters, but the UN is playing a role of personal slave of global leader instead of fulfilling its goals whole world is suffering from the intense conspiracy of him and his lap kids.

QMJ Agha Hamid Mosvi expressed his concerns that earlier Bush senior attacked on Iraq with his allies, then created drama of 9/11, Paksitan was pulled on frontline and destroying Afghanistan since last 17 years. Those fighter who were brought up from other countries to fight with Afghanistan later on were declared terrorists after Russians escape and left them free in Pakistan, he wrecked Iraq, Egypt and Libya after drama of 9/11. QMJ said that all terrorist organizations are produced by global leader whos purpose was to target the Islamic world after Russia. Thatís the reason that world colonialism want to put all the debris on Pakistan of its expected defeat in Afghanistan. So that our rulers should avoid already trial tested ones because American air did not give Pakistan anything but loss who is saying that Pakistan nothing did for him. It is like thieves blaming the judges. Aaqa e Moosvi cleared this that Pakistan has lost over 75 thousand of human lives for war on terrorism, faced huge economical loss, each and every Pakistani is under the huge debts even no other country is ready to facilitate us with loan. He said this dual face of UN has been uncovered in the eyes of world because ha a referendum has been established in East Taimor and south Sudan but Kashmiries and Palestinians are not being considering for the same right since quarter century which is a big hypocrisy and dual standards of global institutions