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 English News  19 December 2018


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Released by Qamar Haider Zaidi the Spokesman of the TNFJ; Translated by Ali Raza


The Islamic world should not hope for any justice delivered by the evil powers; the Muslim countries should stop interfering in each others internal matter and get united - Hamid Moosavi

ISLAMABAD, December 19 The Supreme leader of Shia Ulama board and Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqa e jafria has said that muslim world should leave hope of justice from evil powers and should unite avoiding interfering into each otherís matters, The resolution of the assembly will not resolve the issue, Pakistni ambassadors around the world should expose the cruel face of India, a solid briefing should be presented in front of foreign ambassadors. In Kashmir sustainable humanity is mourning the innocence of the world conscience under the Indian violence, 9/11 drama was arranged to smoothen the way to crush the Islamic world, disarming the muslim countries is the agenda of devil powers, to protect the Muslim Ummah, Muslim countries will have to make economic and military power. Due to ideological identity, atomic power and CPEC Pakistan is the special target of colonial forces and they are utilizing their whole energies in this regard, he expressed above lines during addressing to ending ceremony of universal days of Wiladat e Pur Noor of Imam Hassan Askari a.s.  He also announced mourning activities on 12 Rabi ul Sani on the shahadat of Bibi Masooma Qum (SA). He also said that life is tight on the minorities in India, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Dallets are facing states violence. Sikhs are being revengefully victimizing of Indra Gandhiís murder till today, Muslims are being burnt alive, minorityís worship places are used to be burnt, It is plan of Indian fundamentals to convert mosques and Churches into Mandar, killing a Muslim on slaughtering a cow is a very common thing. Violating the international law Israel has made Muslimís previous Qibla into their stateís capital but still Israel and India are innocent in the eyes of USA and thatís the reason he did not include India and Israel in the list of religious freedom killers. He also said that it is quoted by the international American think tank that India stands at first in spreading social and religious discriminations but still USA is on the back of India and speaking in favor of India on Mumbai attacks drama, India is playing a pathetic game of oppression in Kashmir on the will of USA.

QMJ Agha Syed Hamid Moosavi said comparing with India, Pakistan has a big number of minorities in assemblies, parliament, ministries, justice, Army and every important places but still America has added Pakistan in the black list where as in India minorities has no such worth in important places, he said if international powers want peace in world then they have to resolve long-term issues according to resolutions of UN charter and Kashmiriís and Palestineís wills. QMJ Agha Syed Hamid Moosavi realized the audience that it would be almost impossible to get out of circle of hardships without reconnecting our relation with the Holy Quran and the Ahle bait (AS).