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 English News  11 April 2019


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Released by Rajab Ali Kazmi; Translated by Zulqurnain Haider

The Flag of Abbas (PBUH) is the symbol of hope for the destitute and oppressed of the world while name of Abbas (PBUH) is emblem for the loyal people

RAWALPINDI, April 11: Zuhoor e Purnoor of Hazrat Ghazi Abbas Alamdar (PBUH), in connection with Hafta e Wila e Muhammad o Aal e Muhammad (PBUT) announced by the Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, was celebrated throughout the world with religious spirit and respect on Friday.  On this occasion religious gatherings and Mahafil e Milaad were held in all the towns and cities of Pakistan. Ulema e Karam, Clerics and various speakers shed light on the life and character of Ghazi Abbas Alamadar (PBUH) and declared it as the perfect role model to follow.  Religious and matami organisations held various ceremonies and organised religious gatherings to celebrate the Zuhoor e Purnoor of Hazrat Ghazi Abbas Alamadar (PBUH) in the Potohar region and twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. A Jashan of Hazrat Ghazi Abbas was organised by Haeyat e Tulbae Islamiya in Rawalpindi. Allama Basim Abbas Zahiri while addressing to the gathering said that even though both the arms of Hazrat Ghazi Abbas Alamdar were severed during the battle of Karbala but he kept the Hussaini flag high.  He stressed that the flag of Ghazi Abbas Alamadar (PBUH) is a hope to those in need and desperation and is a symbol of loyalty. Allama Syed Qalbe Abbas Bukhari while addressing to a Mehfil at Imam Bargah Qasre Zainab (SA) Peer Gharoti said that the Flag of Hazrat Abbas Alamadar (PBUH) is flying high throughout the world and is a symbol of valour and bravery.  Allama Syed Mohsin Ali Hamdani said that the sacrifice of Hazrat Abbas (PBUH) became the guarantee of the elevation of the flag of Hussainiat throughout the world. On this occasion a resolution was adopted stating that for the religious rights of Maktab e Tashayyo each and every word of Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi will be followed to letter and spirit and no sacrifice will be spared. Allama Syed Hussain Muqadasi while addressing to a Mehfil Hazrat e Abbas held at Masjid O Imam Bargah Ahle Bait (PBUT) Wah Cantt said that pious character of Hazrat e Abbas (PBUH) is a source of salvation for those who are surrounded by worldly problems. Khateeba Labwa Haider, Jadwa Haider and others and others addressed to a Mehfil e Alamdar e Hussaini at Imam Bargah Zain ul Abidin (PBUH) Satellite Town organized by Anjuman e Faiz e Panjtan. Allama Mohsin Ali Humdani, Choudhary Mushtaq Hussain, Qazi Mazhar Karbalai and others also addressed to a Jashan held at Qasre Abu Talib (AS). Zakir Asif Raza Alwi, Zakir Ijaz Hussain Jhandwi, Mollana Mohammad Abbas Rizvi, Zakir Naheed Abbas Jug and others addressed to a celebration held at Imam Bargah Kaqeem which was organized by Wafadarane Abbas (AS).