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 English News  21 January 2019


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Released by Qamar Haider Zaidi the Spokesman of the TNFJ; Translated by Zulqurnain Haider


Action must be taken against the banned organizations who stabbed each and every part of Pakistan for Dirhams & Dinars and Dollars & Riyals

ISLAMABAD, January 21: In connection with Hafta Muhammad o Aale Muhammad (s.a.w.w), the Aza-e-Fatmiyah convention hosted by Makhdom Nizakat Hussain Shah in Shah Allah Dita, Islamabad in which Zakireen and Azadarans from around the world assured that they are always ready for any sacrifice under the leadership of Quaid e Millat e Jafriya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi to protect the basic rights and beliefs of Maktab e Tasheyo, stability of our beloved country Pakistan and for the Unity of Shia & Sunni Muslims. National Action Plan is expecting from the Government and State of Pakistan to take action against the banned organizations, who stabbed each and every part of Pakistan for Dirhams & Dinars and Dollars & Riyals. Nation cannot forgive the murderers of Jawans of Pak Army, innocent citizens and children of APS Peshawar. Making friendly relations with banned organizations is like sabotaging the core of National Action plan and Mission Rad-ul-Fassad and like mocking the bruises of affectees of terrorism. All the Zakireen and Waizeen will act as a frontline force to encounter terrorism. We neither wish to force our believes on anyone nor we will allow any other believes to be forced upon us. We have given our blood on each and every step for the prosperity of this country and we will live our lives according to our believes, for which the assurance was given by the Father of Nation, Quiad-e-Azam Muahmmad Ali Jinnah and other Leaders of Pakistan to all the citizens. We will never accept any threat and force against our rights and believes. Agha Syed Tayyab ul Hussaini of Hangu demanded while presenting the declaration during the Central Aza e Fatmiya Convention by Tehreek e Tahafuz o Wila o Azadari, presided by Sultan Uz Zakireen Syed Madah Hussain Shah and Sultan ul Waizeen Agha Ali Hussain Najfi, that the rights of Millat-e-Tashiyo should be addressed according to Jenojo-Moosvi 21st May, 1985 Agreement and government should enforce diplomatic pressure on KSA government to restore the dignity of Jannat-ul-Maula & Jannat-ul-Baqi as per the agreement. Government should raise the issue of restoration of shrines of Mothers of Faithful, Companions of Rasool-e-Khuda (s.a.w.w) and Ahl-e-Bait Athaar during the upcoming visit of Saudi Leaders in Pakistan, so they should know that a change has been brought in Pakistan. He further said that Zakireen-e-Hussain (a.s) are truthful with the Mission of Syeda Zainab (s.a), who after the martyrdom of Hussain Ibn e Ali (a.s) recited the Majalis in such a grievous way in the Bazars of Kufa & Syria and in the palaces of Ziyad o Yazeed that its impact is still shaking the walls of Yazeediat & Dictators. The Oneness of Allah, Risalat of Prophet (s.a.w.w) and law of Sharia would had been compromised under the umbrella of dictatorship if the Family of Syeda Fatima (s.a) had not sacrificed in the deserts of Karbala. As Dr. Ali Shariati said, “The story of Karbala had been remained in Karbala if Syeda Zainab (s.a), Granddaughter of Rasool e Khuda (s.a.w.w) had not spread the message in the form of Majlis e Aza on every road, bazar and area of Arab.”

He further explained that even today the Azdari e Syed u Shuhada is the leading guardian of Azans chanting Oneness of Allah around the world. Azadar e Shahuda is our jugular vein and the core of our life. Aza e Hussain (a.s) is not only the protector of Shiat, instead it is the protector of all the roots of religion including, Tawheed, Adl, Nabuwat, Imammat & Qayamat and all the branches of Islam from Namaz to friendship with the friends of Allah & to remain aloof from the enemies of Allah. It was clarified in the declaration that according to the saying of Khatamul Anbiya Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w.w) “the righteous path of guidance and light is Quran & Ahl-e-Bait and they both will not get apart from each other till Houz-e-Kousar”. The Wilayat of Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Talib is the base and core of our religion and belief. While appreciating the efforts of Marajay-e-Azaam & Scholars in the declaration, Tayyab-ul-Hussaini added that Religious Scholars, Maraja-e-Deeniya, Hawazat-e-Ilmiya Najaf, Qom & Lakhnow has done a great favor by assembling the Ahadees-e-Mubarika and Zakireen spread these messages in each and every homes of cities and towns. The Declaration also paid great homage to the Zakireen and Waizeen who got martyred in the wave of terrorism, including Mohsin Naqvi Shaheed, Riaz Shah Mooch Shaheed, Zakir Fazil Alvi Shaheed, Zakir Alamdar Shah Shorkot Shaheed, Allama Nasir Abbas Shaheed, Allama Kazim Hussain Aseer Jarwi Shaheed and Allama Zaid-ul-Hassan Zaidi Shaheed, who sacrificed themselves for the beloved country and on the faith of Wila-e-Ali (a.s) & Aza-e-Hussaini (a.s). While reiterating the efforts of famous Zakir & Mubalig of Tahafuz-e-Khatam-e-Nabuwat Moulana Muhammad Ismail, Tayyab-ul-Hussaini said that by proving the Qadyani as Non-Muslims in National Assembly of Pakistan, he raised the flag of Islam. It was also assured in the Declaration that all the Zakireen and Azadaar will keep on spreading the Zikr of Allah and Rasool (s.a.w.w) in each and every place. We have never compromised on our religion and believes even under the threats of Suicide bombings, shelling and shootings and will never bother in future for any collusion, force or conspiracy.