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 English News  2 July 2019


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Released by Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi the Spokesman of the TNFJ; Translated by Wajih Kazmi


America will never attack Iran rather Arabs are being scared of Iranian ‘threat’ just to sell out their arms to them - Hamid Moosavi

ISLAMABAD, July 2: The Patron-in-Chief of Supreme Shia Ulema Board and Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said that America will never attack Iran rather Arabs are being scared of Iranian ‘threat’ just to sell out their arms to them and in this garb American armament companies are earning huge amounts of dollar. Saudi Arabia is being entangled in the Khashoggi murder under a well thought-out plan so as to get their all conditions met. Threats to Iran and movement of the Naval Fleet are just an eye-wash. The Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has rightly said that neither there will be any dialogue with America nor there will be a war. Emergence of Trump on the world scenario is a part of Zionist plan under which they are trying to fill the true colour of the Greater Israel. The centuries old plan of Greater Israeli is now being pursued openly. The heinous deal of the century is a part of this plan in which inclusion of Muslims and Arabs in it and recognition of Zionist plan is tantamount to wiping out Palestine from the globe. These views were expressed by him while talking to the office-bearers of subordinate bodies of the TNFJ.

            Agha Moosavi said it is the policy of the chief of satanic forces to create enemies to keep the balance of power in her own favour and then tries to cash it. Saddam was the biggest example of this strategy, he said adding that Saddam by following the American agenda made the path of international satan and her agents easy by putting the Kuwait oil wells on fire and the so-called alliance comprising 42 States could not fall Saddam because not putting him down was their policy. In actual their objective was to smoothen the path for Greater Israel and to keep on scaring Arabs through Saddam was a part of their satanic policy while funding was being made to keep Arabs away from religion and Shariat through the Baath Party on the other.

            The TNFJ chief said the Israeli enemy party Ikhwanul Muslimeen was badly crushed in Iraq, Syria and Egypt by imposing Baath government in these countries which was however later emerged as Hamas Al-Palestine and put up resistance against Israel directly. He said owing to continued struggle of Palestinian path was cleared for independent State for Palestinians under the two-State strategy but the Zionists were bent upon completely crushing Muslims. He said they deprived Palestinians of their rights by declaring Jerusalem as Israeli capital and then a time had come when America fulfilled the long-awaited desire of the Zionists by shifting their embassy to Jerusalem and also recognising the Golan Heights as a part of Israel.

            Agha Moosavi said that civil war had been initiated in all those Arab countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen which were potential threat to Greater Israel. Muslims were being killed by Muslims and the satanic powers misusing their sharp brain destroyed Muslim countries. He said the propaganda of potential threats to Saudi Arabia are also a part of that satanic plan as the satanic forces are aware that Saudi deserts were spewing gold; American forces would neither leave Saudi Arabia unless they take control over all this wealth nor they would allow any war to be imposed on Saudi Arabia because any loss being caused to Saudi Arabia would be considered direct loss of American and western economies. America is trying to impose her fake favour on Saudi Arabia that they should be obliged to America for providing protection to them as a result of she is demanding favour from the kingdom; as a part of extending this favour, the 39-nation alliance was created with an objective to divide Muslims further.

            The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that after the World War-I, besides tearing the Ottoman Umpire apart, the religious and political greatness of Muslims and cultural power was also damaged while Israeli state was imposed on Arabs by dividing the Middle East and this would has now become a scourge. The Muslims will have to unite to treat this, he concluded.