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 English News  15 March 2019


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Released by Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi the Spokesman of the TNFJ; Translated by Syed Ali Raza

The incident of killing of 8 Pakistani citizens by the Afghan security forces is an international heinous conspiracy - TNFJ

ISLAMABAD, March 15: Representative of TNFJ Pakistan has strongly condemned the incident of killing of 8 Pakistani citizens by the Afghan security forces in Paktia city of North Wazirstan and declared it international heinous conspiracy. In a news brief from the Headquarters of the Maktabe Tasheyyo he said that neighbors are like brothers, especially Muslims are called brothers of other Muslims who are equally share with each others  joys and grieves. He expressed his sorrow on this fact that our neighbor brother country Afghanistan participates in Indian conspiracies since the independence of Pakistan and has become mini India now where Indian consulates has turned into training centers of terrorism. Pakistan is in war because Indian trained terrorists enter in Pakistan from this way and carry out terrorist activities. TNFJ representative emphatically said that we can eradicate terrorism from Pakistan by implementing the National Action Plan impressively and successfully execute Operation Raddul Fassad by Pakistan Armed Forces, but for this we need to avoid any description to bring terrorists into mainstream and plan out a decisive action against them.

He expressed his concern that incompetent administration of capital, Islamabad has entered the names of peaceful and loyal Pakistani TNFJ leaders into schedule four list but on other hand courts are excluding the names of active leaders of banned organizations working with new names which is totally unfair. The rulers should pay mercy to the people and exclude the names of innocent people from schedule four. Those banned groups working with new names should be excluded from ISLAMI NAZRIATI COUNCIL, MUTTEHIDA ULMA BOARD, ROIYAT E HILAL COMMITTIE, PEACE COMMITTIES and other government organizations. TNFJ representative strongly condemned series of D.I. Khan Target killings and expressed his sympathy with victims and demanded government to ensure the safety of lives & properties of citizens and also need to provide relief to the victims.