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 English News  6 October 2020


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Game of hatred will not be successful; the govt. should come out of the pressure of the proscribed groups - TNFJ


ISLAMABAD, October 6: While highly condemning the blasphemous actions against Quran and Sunnah, TNFJ president for Federal Capital Allama Raja Basharat Hussain Imami asserted that it's the time to strengthen O.I.C and to boycott the countries which are responsible for this blasphemous act. All the diplomatic relations with them should be seized. He also demanded from the government to take notice of the activities carried out by an organization and should immediately arrest them. Innocent Ullama and Zakireen arrested in different parts of the country, including Federal capital Islamabad should be released and baseless cases framed against them should be dismissed. Harassment to the mourners of Imam a Mazloom (SA) and imposing one's own religious paradigms on others ought to be stopped. Ban on the books related to Shia school of thought should be uplifted. Names of innocent people added in fourth schedule list just to fulfill the formalities should be eliminated. Those who attack on the assemblies of Milad un Nabvi (SAWW) and on the processions of a Azadari had better be given exemplary punishments. Immediate actions should be taken against the terrorists of banned organizations responsible for attacking on the mourning processions of Darbar Sakhi Shah Mehmood Badshah, Islamabad and in Okara. Foreign funding given to the religious organization should immediately be stopped otherwise it will lead to the horrifying consequences of adding Pakistan's name in FATF's Black-List. Those who commit blasphemies against Hazrat Abu Talib (AS), Hazrat Ali e Murtaza (AS), Hazrat Fatima Zehra (SA), Hazrat Imam Hussain(AS), Hazrat Ameer Mukhtar (RA), Mothers of the Faithful and pious companions of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) should be arrested. It should be ensured that every article of National Action Plan should be implemented in a true sense and the activities of banned organizations with their new names and identities should be stopped. If the continuity of unjust and deprivation is not put to an end against Maktab e Tashayyo, we would appeal to the Quaid e Milat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi to give us a policy to deal with the elements which are devouring Pakistan from its ideological bases and the whole nation will not back off to present any sacrifice for the protection and preservation of Pakistan and the spirit of Pakistan's constitution. We are always ready to protect the ideological basis of Pakistan and we will never let Pakistan to be pushed into the fire of sectarian division or apartheid. Allama Raja Basharat Hussain Imami said that once again, the lobby of out-goers completely failed to bring cracks between Sunni-Shia brotherhood. These thoughts were expressed by him at TNFJ central Capital Office at  Jamiyya Masjid o Imam Bargah Khadija tul Kubra Tarlai Kalan, while addressing to the members of Muharram Committe Azadari Cell, TNJF General Secretary Islamabad Zulfiqar Raja, Prof. Ghulam Abbas and other members of the committee. Allama Raja Basharat Imami said that if Indira Ghandi could not annihilate the two nation theory even after fall of Dahka, then who are these lobbies which are trying to divide Pakistan by declaring it a sectarian state? He said that those who are calling Shia as Kafir are abusing the founder and father of Pakistan. He asserted that on Twitter, shia-kaffir trend is executed; let us know how many have been arrested so far? Allama Imami clarified that there is no conflict between Shia and Sunni in our beloved homeland Pakistan; neither will we ever let it happen. He iterated that we believe if an organization kept its name as Sunni organization and does everything wrong, it cannot be magnified over Sunni School of thought, then why an individual's action is constantly being associated with entire Shia Scholl of thought? Maktab e Tashayyo keeps unity, brotherhood and peace always prior to anything, every single article of Zabta e Azadari (Code of Azadari) given by Quaid e Milat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi is transparently evident to it. He said that to protect the virtues, human dignity and honor, the sacrifice which was present by Imam Hussain AS and his 72 near and dear followers in the plane of Karbala in 61 A.H is being commemorated in the entire world with religious zeal and respect. The same Hussaini ideology goaded Pakistan movement and led to independence. Commemoration of Hussainiyat is the source of all the liberation movements throughout the world including Kashmir and Palestine. Allama Raja Basharat Imami said that yesterday, including Tehreek e Nafaz e Fiqh e Jafariya, whole country protested against the blasphemous actions of Sweden and Denmark, and protesters came out on the streets and roads, but if someone wants to protest against the biggest blasphemy against Islam; “the incident of Karbala”, Interior Ministry issues verdict that new mourning assemblies and processions cannot be held. TNFJ President for Federal Capital Islamabad Allama Raja Basharat Hussain Imami demanded from the government to stopped discriminatory attitude against Maktab e Tashayyo