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 English News  13 October 2020


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Released by Allama Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi; Translated by S M Naqvi

Those who follow the enemy’s agenda and are fed on foreign aid should not be imposed on the Pakistani public - Hamid Moosavi


ISLAMABAD, October 13: The Patron-in-Chief of Supreme Shia Ulema Board Quaid-i-Millat Jafaria Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Mousavi has said that those who follow the enemy’s agenda and are fed on foreign aid should not be imposed on the Pakistani public. We are saying for the last four decades that there is no Sunni-Shia conflict and laws of the land should be activated to stop the war of ‘tummy’ and aid. The Pakistan’s Constitution is being damaged through dummy activities. Those who point finger at Milad-un-Nabi, Shaair-e-Hussainia and Azadari cannot be Sunni-Shia representatives. There is no need to form teams to know the reasons behind hatred and terror. Those proscribed groups who are culprits of people and the army used to sit around the government and the opposition. The messages that give protection to proscribed groups cannot be accepted by the people. Islam is the official religion of Pakistan and interpretation of Quran and Sunnah is the same that is honoured by every Maktab. Hold as much meeting as you can, the rulers will get nothing unless they take along all Makatab. It is our tragedy that we have achieved Pakistan but could not achieve its objectives to-date. The protocol of protecting the objective has been taught to us by Sani-e-Zahra Syeda Zainab Binte Ali (S.A.). We will continue to follow the teachings of Sharikat-ul-Hussain (S.A.) for the supremacy of religion and motherland. He expressed these views while addressing the Majlis Sharikat-ul-Hussain (S.A.) on the occasion of Youm-e-Shahadat of Nawasi-e-Rasool Syeda Zainab Binte Ali (S.A.).

                Agha Moosavi said new lease of life was given to those proscribed parties through the wave of hatred under an organized international conspiracy who are crushed through Zarb-e-Azb and Raddul Fasaad and now these proscribed parties are being made honourable. He said the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice and Chief of the Army Staff will have to take notice of such development otherwise the blood shed by people and the Shuhada of Pakistan Army will not be forgiven. He said there is urgent need to tackle the internal enemies before the outer enemies. He said temporary decisions and steps like ‘Mitti Pao’ should not be followed and no relaxation should be given to anyone and terrorism and biases should be wiped out.

                The TNFJ chief said that if the rulers desire to make Pakistan the hub of peace and give progress to it then they will have to give importance to the Pakistan’s Constitution. He said practical steps should be taken by implementing every provision of the Constitution; people should be given their rights. He said it is not enough to say that the Judiciary, Parliament and Administration are on the same page; such rhetoric should be proved through deeds. The situation will turn worse if rulers and politicians continued to give importance to their self-interest and parties. He said those issues are still to be tackled for which the people had voted the government to power. The change of face definitely was there but the woes of the people have been increased manifold, he added.

                The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi appealed the politicians to think of the motherland and should not utilize all their power to get power and prolong it.