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 English News  11 July 2021


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Released by Allama Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi; Translated by Wajih Kazmi

The deadliest weapon of the enemy is disunity; American evacuation from Afghanistan and hate spreading activities of proscribed organizations are interconnected - Hamid Moosavi


ISLAMABAD, July 11: The Patron in-Chief of Supreme Shia Ulama Board Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said that the deadliest weapon of the enemy is disunity. American evacuation from Afghanistan and hate spreading activities of proscribed organizations are interconnected. Terrorists holding private courts in Gilgit Baltistan and the government and opposition pleasing the proscribed organizations in Azad Kashmir elections are a challenge for national security. America is responsible for destroying mankind. America is leaving after handing over her incomplete job to proscribed terrorists. Central and provincial governments must not be mistaken, appeasing proscribed organizations will never bring peace. America threw Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya only to increase her financial power. American leadership must be held accountable and penalize for war crimes. Like European Union, Pakistan, Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey must form a united front to be able to save the world from American imperialism. Government must beware of Oslo-like mediation on Kashmir. The glory of Islamic world is dependent upon strengthening the OIC. OICís impression of being a subservient organization of certain gulf countries must be eliminated. Blasphemy against the sacred personalities of the holy Prophetís (PBUH&HP) family is like spitting towards the sun. The holy shrine of Imam Musa Kazim (A.S) and Imam Muhammad Taqi (A.S) has been a symbol of the defense of Islam, a source of guidance and acceptance of prayers as well as a place of pilgrimage for the Muslims from all across the globe. He said this while addressing to the Majlis e Baab ul Muraad held in connection with the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Imam Muhammad Taqi (A.S).

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi while repeating a saying of Maula e Kainaat Hazrat Ali Ibn e Abi Talib (A.S) said that friendship must be maintained with the one who is truthful and sympathetic. Similarly, the enemy of your enemy can be your friend. China fulfills this criteria. America always used Pakistan but preferred India in all difficult times. The damages of Afghan war were faced by Pakistan while America tried to pass on its gains to India. Therefore, even the Indian investment in Afghanistan is threatened today. He said that we had mentioned it earlier than the governmentís conclusion that India is involved in Lahore blast. Indian hand exists behind every evil thing including hate spreading posts on social media. India never leaves any stone unturned in inflicting harm to Pakistan while on the other hand, despite being caught red-handed, facilities are being provided to Kulbhoshan.

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that the creator who granted countless blessings to Muslims can also protect them from evil powers therefore, Muslim countries must unite instead of falling prey to the conspiracies of America and her agents. Attack on any one Muslim country must be taken as an attack on the whole world of Muslim Ummah. He said that previous and existing governments banned around eighty organizations however, after imposing ban on collecting goat skins, governments set them free to peel off innocent people. Proscribed organizations acting as pressure groups have been enjoying friendships with opposition and the government even today while governments punish innocent only by booking them in schedule-IV and blocking their NICs to deprive them from their livelihood. For Godís sake, National Action Plan must be acted upon to eliminate the enemies of Pakistan. Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that the sign of martyrdom is glowing like a sun on foreheads of all Aima e Athaar (A.S). Ninth Imam Hazrat Imam Muhammad Taqi (A.S) saved religion and Shariah from the attacks of rulers and kissed martyrdom only in twenty-five years of age. Shia and Sunni historians agree that Imam Muhammad Taqi (A.S) was better than all people of his era because of his knowledge, insight and wisdom while he resembled his sacred forefathers in graciousness, kindness and Taqwa. His sprit of sacrifice for the religion and Shariah is a beacon of light for the freedom fighters of every era. Meanwhile, Majalis e Aza were held on conclusion of Ayyam e Taqwa across the country and mourning processions of Taboot were brought out. On this occasion, Matami protests against blasphemy of Aaim e Ahl al Bait (A.S) were held in all cities that demanded to bring the perpetrators of blasphemies to justice.