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Universal Ayyam e Murtazavi

Special Message of the Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi in connection with the “birth anniversary of Imam Ali (pbuh)" which is being observed as Aalmi Ayyam e Murtazavi from 11-13 Rajab ul Murajab 1434 AH


Islam has provided us with a new lease of life. Where religion provides us with life, it also imposes some obligations over us. Biggest of all is to keep alive the religion because it has kept us alive therefore what our life depends upon, its protection is mandatory upon us.

The job of the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp) was to bring the religion and it is the obligation of the vicegerent of the holy Prophet (pbuh) to save it and provide protection to it. That is why, the Maula-e-Kainaat Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (pbuh) as an inheritor of the Rehmatul-Lil-Alimeen (pbuh & hhp) utilised all his energies to keep the religion alive. Ali (pbuh) in one of his address praised those who kept the religion alive. Ali (pbuh) was standing on a stone which was brought there by Juda bin Abeera, delivered an excellent speech that all present there started crying, in the end of that he while remembering his companions said that where are those who were following the right path and passed away from this world while keeping themselves on it, where is Ammar e Yasir, Khamiza bin Saabat and Zulshahadatean, then said alas! my those companions who cared about their duties towards religion, delivered them, kept alive traditions of the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp) and destroyed wrong traditions.

Moula e Kaynat called them those who revived traditions of the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp). Ali to Mahdi (pbut), their duty was to keep traditions of the Holy Prophet (pbut) alive and due to the same reason Imam Zamin O Samin told one of his followers to keep our Amr (Wilayat) alive, he asked how can we keep it alive? He said to narrate the realities of our Kalam, good qualities, seerat and character to the people, explain it as it is what we call is necessary to keep our Amr alive.

Keeping in view the same commandment of Imam (pbuh), the Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya gives priority to observe the days of Anbia, Mursaleen, Khasan-e-Illahi, Mashaheer-e-Islam, and inheritors of the Paighambar-e-Islam (pbuh & hhp), and that is why the birth anniversary of Amir al Momnin Hazrat Ali bin Abi Talib (pbuh) is being observed from 11th to 13th Rajab ul Murrajab as three days to commemorate international celebration of Murtazavi “Seh Roza Aalmi Jashane Murtazavi”.  

Hazrat Ali (pbuh) is that great personality who enjoyed the honour of being born in Bait Allah and got martyrdom in the house of Almighty Allah that no one else enjoyed before and afterwards. His life is the best practical lesson of the eternal religion. Struggling and waging holy war for restoration of rights and justice is the greatest achievement of Hazrat Ali (pbuh).

Religion of Islam is based on Justice (bil adal kamat alsamawat walarz), earths and skies are set due to the same.  There is a singularity in the life of Hazrat Ali (pbuh) that it exhibit normality and balance. All good qualities are seen at their height. Establishment of justice and fair play is one of the great achievements of Ali (pbuh).

The day Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp) announced his Prophethood Hazrat Ali (pbuh) was seen every where with him like a shadow. During the life of the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp) whether inside house or out side, while travelling or waiting, during gathering or in time of war Ali (pbuh) is with the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp). It is clear like daylight that when others were running away from the battle field Ali (pbuh) stood fast therefore every one remembers the announcement made by the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp) during the siege of Khyber that tomorrow I will give the flag to a person who will be a man, will reiterate assault on enemy, will not to run away, and Allah and His Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp) love him. He said Ali (pbuh) utilised all his God-gifted energies in protecting the religion, for the survival of Islam and promotion of Quran and Sunnah.

The whole world counts us as slave of the Holy Prophet and Ali (pbut) just because we spare nothing when it comes to love the Holy Prophet O Ali (pbut) therefore it is obligatory upon us to propagate the teachings of the Holy Quran and Masoomeen (pbut) and should thank Almighty Allah who kept us firm on the Walayat of Nabi O Ali and infallible offspring (pbut).

Ali (pbuh) had praiseworthy manners; that is why the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp) said that Ali (pbuh) has all of the qualities of previous Prophets (pbut). There is a saying of Amir ul Momneen that we sincerely were fighting together with the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp) against enemies of Islam and due to our this sincere attempt our Lord has put our enemy in difficulties and made us victorious. It is due to the blessings of Ali, his offspring and the pious companions of the Holy Prophet (pbut) that today all around the world Islam is being spread and Muslim society is seen to flourish.

Today oppressed nations, Islamic world and Pakistan is being threaten to be taught a lesson, the only reply to this threat is to follow the life of Hazrat Ali (pbuh) whose saying will be written in golden words that goes: By God, this my much repaired shoe is dearer to me than ruling over you people but that through this rule could restore any truthfulness at its place and root out false hood, the objective of Ali (pbuh) is nothing more than that.

The personality of Ali (pbuh) is a beacon of light for all eras. That is why all recognise the supremacy of Ali (pbuh). An Arab historian Shibli Shamael praises Hazrat Ali (pbuh) while saying that the personality of Ali (pbuh) is unique and there is no one in the history or present like Ali (pbuh). A Christian historian George Jardac writes that whether one recognises or not there is no judge like Ali. There is a saying of Imam Ali (pbuh) that goes: By God, if I am given every thing whatever is under the sky on the condition that I carry out oppression against an ant and snatch the grain of barley from her, I will never do that. What Ali (pbuh) is trying to emphasize on that oppression is such a bad thing that even for the rule of the whole world it can not be permissible on a small thing like an ant.

Islam looks towards society with honour and respect. That is why it stresses the need of restoration of justice and fair-play and rooting out of oppression and brutality. Islam made it clear that if there is justice and fair play in the society it will hold its grounds even though people are non believers, but it will not do the same or flourish if oppression, brutality, terrorism and social injustice is a part of society even though those who live there are Muslims. The main cause of the destruction of the busted nations is oppression therefore Almighty Allah says that, “If people are reformer than He does not destroy them for their single act of oppression”, because Almighty Allah is just and his representatives always make efforts for the victory of fair play and justice.

If we want to see the end of oppression and to get rid of terrorism and wrong doings from society then we will have to struggle too because it is the Quranic rule that Allah does not change a status of any nation until they themselves make an effort to change it.

Hazrat Ali (pbuh) in his famous commandment to Malik-e-Ashtar about the elite of the society stated that for a ruler no section of society is more expensive than this (i.e. the elite) in the days of happiness, while in time of problem it is the same section that provides the least amount of help; their expectations are more than any other group and they are the most ungrateful who do not accept any excuses viz. their expectations and are the most impatient. Only the ordinary public is the pillar of religion, central power of Muslims, and ever ready to confront the enemy. Therefore the centre of your attention should be the people, and not the elite. Through this commandment, Hazrat Ali (pbuh) very swiftly highlighted the mentality of the elite and ruling class and bestowed invaluable honour on the people.

On the occasion of Aalmi Jashan e Murtazavi, reiterate the resolve to continue practical struggle with sincerity of purpose for promotion of justice and fair-play and for rooting out oppression and brutality and would become a concrete wall against the social injustice and to root out discrimination.

There is a saying of the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp) that you have one Allah and you are from one father means you are all the offspring of Hazrat Adam (pbuh) therefore the criteria of superiority for you over others is your piety, then the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hhp) asked, Have I delivered message of Allah to you? All replied yes, then he said those who are present here should deliver my message to those who are not present here.

We would like to make it clear that neither we would bargain on the protection and defence of the message of Monotheism, the Prophethood and Walayat nor allow anyone else to bargain the same. The 13th of Rajab-ul-Murajjab is the enlightened birthday of the great leader of world of mankind and humanity whose holy life is a golden lesson for all. Ali Ibne Abi Talib (pbuh) is laced with all good qualities and on the basis of which a sentence of the master of the universe is still echoing that my treated shoes are better than ruling over you but that through it I could restore righteousness and root out the evil. There is saying from the leader of Prophets that the righteousness is with Ali and Ali with righteousness, Oh, my Lord, turn the righteousness to the side where Ali is turned. Even today riots are being reported in the world and the whole world is confronted with riot and arson. Most of the rulers of the Muslim States have become a tool in the hands of international colonial powers as a result of which Muslims are being crushed under oppression and are surrounded by terrorism. The situation has reached the point that even the holy places are not being spared. Motherland Pakistan has taken a blood bath for the ‘crime’ of playing the role of a front-line ally in world war against terrorism and now the satanic powers in a bid to find a safe passage for the exit of their forces were trying to take control of the rules in Muslim States by replacing the old servants with new ones in the corridors of powers so that they can get the things done their way by exerting pressure on them. Therefore we would have to adopt the pious character of Ali (pbuh) for rooting out problems and difficulties, terrorism, evil and for the supremacy of the righteousness. All powers should keep in mind that righteousness has to reign supreme and evil has to vanish. As a poet says:

On the pious occasion of World Ayyam-e-Murtazvi, we announce our commitment with sincerity of purpose that we will continue our struggle for promoting justice and fair-play, condemn oppression and brutality with sincerity and will become a concrete wall against the enemies of humanity become one and pious to as root out social injustice and discrimination.


Wassalam Ma’a Al-Ikraam

Khakpaye Followers of Wilayat

Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi

(The Quaid e Millat e Jafariya)