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ISLAMABAD, 5th February 2013




RAWALPINDI, February 3: The criminals behind the incident of Dhoke Syedan and all other incident of terrorism must be brought to Justice;the blood of those martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the greatest objective would not go waste; the incident of Hangu is an act of our archenemy which will be failed with mutual brotherhood

ISLAMABAD, 1st February 2013


ISLAMABAD, February 3: The murderers of the martyrs of the days of grief of Imam Hussain (PBUH) must be brought to justice; martyrdom is inheritance of faithful; those who laid their lives for the righteous path are the lucky ones Address of Dr Khanum Zahra Gul to the Majlis of Chehlum of Shuhada e Ayyam e Aza e Hussaini at Jamia tul Murtaza (PBUH) Islamabad



ISLAMABAD, February 2: Pakistan is on the mercy of terrorists and Karachi has been turned into a slaughter house; The incidents of target killings including Shahadat of Nimazis in Hangu and gory murder of Banori Town ulema have unveiled the claims of the rulers - Address of the Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah on the Chehlum of Shuhada e Ayyam e Aza


ISLAMABAD, February 1: In order to get freedom from terrorism, the government should ensure the writ of the law; the blood of the martyrs will not go waste - Message of the Quaid e Millat e Jafariya on the universal Chehlum of Shuhada

ISLAMABAD, 1st February 2013


RAWALPINDI, 31st January 2013


RAWALPINDI, 31st January 2013


ISLAMABAD, January 30: A peaceful voice of protest against terrorism will be raised during the programs of Alamgeer Chehlum of the martyrs of Ayyam e Aza; Conveners appointed to organize the programs, scholars will highlight the philosophy of martyrdom during Friday sermons; lack of progress in the tragic incidents of Dhoke Syedan, Mastoong, Alamdar Road and D I Khan is a failure of the government

ISLAMABAD, 30th January 2013


ISLAMABAD, 29th January 2013


RAWALPINDI, 28th January 2013


ISLAMABAD, January 28: TNFJ has announced the observation of the universal Chehlum of all those sons of the religion and the motherland who kissed martyrdom during days of grief of Imam Hussain on 1st February; Muslims are being declared terrorists while using the power of media - Hamid Moosavi