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ISLAMABAD, 30th June 2013




ISLAMABAD, 28th June 2013


DINA, 28th June 2013




ISLAMABAD, June 27: The convoy of Sindh High Court judge, Justice Maqbool Baqir in Karachi is attack on judiciary and constitution – Hamid Moosavi

ISLAMABAD, 27th June 2013


QUETTA, June 27: In connection with the “Universal Justice Days” Shab e Barat was also celebrated in Baluchistan with great religious zeal and reverence; the Statements by Federal and provincial Governments are not enough to maintain peace in Karachi and Baluchistan; the birth anniversary of IMAM MEHDI (PBUH) was celebrated

ISLAMABAD, June 26: The rulers who failed in defending the country and protecting the people have no right to be the spokesman of the nation or rule over them – Hamid Moosavi  

ISLAMABAD, June 24: The gory murder of tourists is a heinous conspiracy against Pakistan; operation must be carried out against terrorist organizations - Hamid Moosavi

ISLAMABAD, 24th June 2013


ISLAMABAD, June 24: The main Festivities of the eve of 15th Shaba’an will be celebrated today at the Rawal Dam Islamabad; special arrangements have been made for the communal praying and the celebration of Eve – the spokesman of the TNFJ Islamabad

RAWALPINDI, June 23: Those who throw bombs on mosques and in funeral ceremonies are beasts, the banned groups should be arrested immediately; Hazrat Ali Akbar (PBUH) is one of those devoted martyrs of Karbala (PBUT) who played a vital role in the establishment of Justice - addresses of Allama Qamar Haider Zaidi, Noor Ali Noor, Karamat Haidery and others



ISLAMABAD, 23rd June 2013


ISLAMABAD, 23rd June 2013


QUETTA, 23rd June 2013


ISLAMABAD, June 22: TNFJ observes the Day of Grief over the attack on Hussainia Madrisa and target killings in Karachi

RAWALPINDI, June 22: The birth anniversary of Shahzada Ali Akbar (PBUH) was celebrated as Youm e Moazan e Hussainiat with great religious zeal and reverence; the suicide attack in Peshawar and target killings in Karachi are continuation of terrorism in the country which is a heinous conspiracy of our archenemy

ISLAMABAD, 22nd June 2013


ISLAMABAD, 22nd June 2013


DINA, 22nd June 2013




ISLAMABAD, June 21: The destruction of the Quaid’s residency exposed the government’s claim; silence on this grave oppression is a national crime; In order to defeat the evil powers, the youth of the nation would have to adopt the spirit of Hazrat Ali Akbar (PBUH); oppression is ruling the world, humanity is waiting for a Messiah; today Youm e Moazan e Hussainiat will be observed

ISLAMABAD, 21st June 2013


ISLAMABAD, 21st June 2013


RAWALPINDI, June 20: Programs of Alamgeer Ayyam e Adal commenced; In order to solve crises, the golden principles of Mohammad O Aale Mohammad must be followed; Suicide attack on the funeral in Mardan is a heinous crime committed by the enemies of Islam and Pakistan, the government must deal with criminals with iron hand; the criminals behind the terrorism in Karachi, Quetta Mardan and other parts of the country must be brought to justice

ISLAMABAD, 20th June 2013