Special Message of Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi in connection with the Day of Destruction of Jannatul Baqee 8 Shawal 1441 Hijra




RAWALPINDI, August 31: The era of Imam Zainal Abideen (AS) was full of difficulties and hardships - Allama Mohsin Humdani

ISLAMABAD, 31 August 2021



ISLAMABAD, August 30: A dangerous conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan is underway, relevant institutions must take notice of it - Hamid Moosavi

RAWALPINDI, 30 August 2021

ISLAMABAD, August 29: Life of Imam Zainal Abideen (AS) should be followed to establish peace - Basharat Imami

ISLAMABAD, 29 August 2021

RAWALPINDI, August 28: Hazrat Imam Zainal Abideen (AS) taught a lesson of treating enemy humanely - Qamar Zaidi

ISLAMABAD, 28 August 2021


ISLAMABAD, August 27: The silence of politicians and the government over the senseless killing of poor miners in Marwar Bolan is a matter of concern - Hamid Moosavi

RAWALPINDI, August 26: The government should stop the activities of the proscribed groups and should deal them with iron fist - Shoukat Jafri

ISLAMABAD, 26 August 2021

ISLAMABAD, 26 August 2021


RAWALPINDI, August 25: The annual procession of Alam Pak and Zuljinah was brought out from Qasr e Abu Talib (AS), thousands of mourners participated 

RAWALPINDI, 25 August 2021

ISLAMABAD, 25 August 2021

RAWALPINDI, August 24: Hussain (AS) belongs to Allah SWT, Hussain (AS) belongs to all of humanity; Tehreek Nafaz e Fiqh e Jafariya is grateful to all for peacefully commemorating Ashrae Muharram ul Harram


ISLAMABAD, August 23: Gawadar suicide attack was the result of bewilderment of India, the eternal enemy of Pakistan - Hamid Moosavi

ISLAMABAD, 23 August 2021




RAWALPINDI, 22 August 2021

ISLAMABAD, 22 August 2021



ISLAMABAD, August 21: Likewise through out the world, Youme Ashura in Pakistan was observed with great religious zeal and reverence


ISLAMABAD, August 19: The Shahadat-e-Hussain (A.S.) is the source of a metaphor for freedom and liberty, truthfulness, determination, loyalty and perseverance, justice, equality, courage, greatness and character - Hamid Moosavi



ISLAMABAD, 19 August 2021

RAWALPINDI, 19 August 2021

RAWALPINDI, 19 August 2021

RAWALPINDI, 19 August 2021



ISLAMABAD, August 18: By imposing restrictions on Zikr e Hussain (AS) in Pakistan, Indian restrictions on programs of Azadari in occupied Kashmir are being legitimized - Hamid Moosavi




ISLAMABAD, August 17: Today main procession of Zuljinah will be brought out from Jamiatal Murtaza Islamabad

RAWALPINDI, 17 August 2021

ISLAMABAD, 17 August 2021

RAWALPINDI, August 16: Today the procession of Shahzada Qasim's(AS) Menhdi will be brought out, preparation completed

ISLAMABAD, 16 August 2021

RAWALPINDI, August 15: Pakistan is the blessing of the family of the Prophethood; the source of movement of freedom is Karbala - Qamar Zaidi

ISLAMABAD, 15 August 2021



RAWALPINDI, August 11: The government should setup Muharram Control Rooms in ministry of internal affairs and all the provinces and should resolves issues faced by the mourners of Imam Hussain (AS)


ISLAMABAD, 14 August 2021


ISLAMABAD, August 13: Throughout the country mourners are being tormented and forced to stop Majalis inside their homes and venues - TNFJ


RAWALPINDI, August 11: On the beginning of Muharram al Harram and in the remembrance of the sacrifices of the Grandson of the Holy Prophet (SAWW), Majalis aza being held in Imam Barghas

ISLAMABAD, 11 August  2021





ISLAMABAD, August 10: Muharram reminds us the great sacrifice made by the Holy Family of the Holy Prophet (AS) for the defence of the religion - Qamar Zaidi


ISLAMABAD, August 9: The Patron-in-Chief of Supreme Shia Ulema Board and chief of the Tehreek Nifaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has announced a 16-point Code of Azadari for the oncoming Muharramul Haram 1443

ISLAMABAD, August 8: Muharram meeting of the TNFJ Rawalpindi Cantt held; Moosavi Code of Azadari will be adhered

ISLAMABAD, August 7: Conveners have been nominated to see the programs of Ayyam e Istaqbale Muharram; Message of Hussainiat will be propagated during Muharram - Dr S Zaman


RAWALPINDI, August 6: Aalmgheer Hafta e Walayat concluded; celebrations held to mark day of Ghadeer



ISLAMABAD, August 5: Crises in Muslim countries is the result of turning their back away from the "Muhammadan Charter" - Hamid Moosavi

ISLAMABAD, August 4: On the last day of Aalamgheer Hafta e Walayat, Eid e Mobahila will be celebrating with great religious zeal and reverence


LAHORE, 4 August 2021

ISLAMABAD, August 3: Walayat is the prerequisite of faith, announcement of Ghadeer is the completion of the religion

RAWALPINDI, 3 August 2021


ISLAMABAD, August 2: The Shahadat of Amirul Momineen Hazrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) is a perfect example for humanity and Eid-e-Ghadir is a memorial of declaration of Wilayat - Hamod Moosavi



ISLAMABAD, August 1: Life line is being injected into the proscribed groups - Tehreek Nafaz e Fiqh e Jafariya

RAWALPINDI, 1 August 2021





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